Tuesday, January 6, 2009


On Saturday we went to Haangite mountain to go sledding with some friends.  We rented a little room that had a stove and table in it so we would have a place to go warm up.  Oh, by the way, it was only -15 Farenheit.  We had lots of fun.  There has been lots of snow this year, so it was really hard work going up the mountain, like hiking through deep sand.  We stayed all day, until we couldn't feel lots of random body parts.  
  The Mongolians don't have much fear of injury, they had some sleds connected to each other like a train, 4 and 5 together.......Let me be on the back please, I don't want to be at the front when all the other sleds crash into the back of that first one!!  Then we saw several cars that were pulling sleds.......as we were leaving there was even a car pulling a sled full of children into an oncoming car, at least it wasn't moving fast!  Craziness.  There was also a horse drawn sleigh that looked lots of fun.  A great fun day......my toes are finally thawed out.

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